I am just a newborn

2011-05-23 00:51:42 by Kremcoin

Stranger in this town.

Buh doo duh duh duh

I have a problem, and I figure there must be someone on the opposite side of this problem, so maybe we could help each other out.

I can paint, but I can't make flash animations. I can't do it for the life of me. But I can write out scripts, and give direction like you wouldn't believe. At least with comics, as I have for many people in the past. So, I just linger around Newgrounds, not ever publishing anything.

So I'm thinking, maybe there is someone who is good at creating flash animation, but feels limited to just that aspect, unable to create a good storyline or full script, and so just lingers as I do.

We should work together, you and I.


I figure, hey, it must be time to celebrate. I'm thinking poorly barbecued burgers, potato salad, and maybe some chips, yeah. Chips. You're all invited. Bring beer.


I'll tell you this much, if Jesus comes back, I'm going to ask him what its like to be crucified. Then crucify him again.


I look forward to being a contributor to this site. Well, in some way or another. You will be seeing me around, I'm sure.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the website that I contribute to. I'm sure everything will be to your liking. Or not. Did I mention fuck off? I didn't? Well I will in the future.

Anyways, earlier on, after enjoying some malt liqueur and marijuana with the ambiance of the Flaming Lips, I decided that it would be best if I come back to my old stomping grounds, NG. So thanks for not having me crucified on arrival. That being said,

Fuck off.